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Dear one,


Like the body needs food, the soul needs inspiration and creativity. Through dancing, painting, singing and living, we find our voice. We are creators, you and I. It is a joy to find that which is authentic within us, so that we can express and share it. It might be the greatest healing we can give the world...


In my painting, the emphasis is not on the outcome. It is about a journey of self-exploration: moment by moment, stroke by stroke. Through colours and shapes, the heart expresses itself. Every time in new ways, but always from the same source: love and peace.

Being creative is not about being the best painter or a famous writer. It is about being uncompromisingly, boldly, authentically our Self. Therefore, I have found painting to be a beautiful means for inner healing. It easily connects us to our feelings, calmth and strength. Self-love has been a natural consequence. And I wish the same for you, as I wish the world to have the most authentic version of you.

I reside in India, together with my partner Karan and the community. We run Adara Farmstay - an inspiration centre for locals and internationals. It is my pleasure to share 40% of the art profits with this project. Let us light up the world.

With colourful love,


True creation 

Does not come from

Meeting expectation

Or acknowledgement

True creation

Comes from the urge

To explore yourself

Bravely and boundlessly

True creation

Sprouts from being curious

Of how you can meet yourself

Differently than before

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@2023 by Lieke Hulshof
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